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Clean Master for PChelp and info

  • What is Clean Master For PC?

    Clean Master For PC is a Windows version of the popular Clean Master application, which was originally released on Android. The software works by removing junk files, invalid registry keys and cached files, and optimising system setup. As a result, it can free up disk space and memory, making computers run faster and more efficiently.

  • Is Clean Master For PC free?

    Clean Master For PC is considered a 'freemium' product, which means the core software is completely free to use and this will be perfectly sufficient for the majority of users. However, a paid 'Professional Edition' also exists and this adds a number of additional features to the core product.

  • Is Clean Master For PC safe?

    It is completely safe to download and use the software, and it has been independently verified to contain no viruses, malware or malicious threats. However, as with any application of this type, you should be careful when removing files from a computer and take the necessary precautionary steps, like backing up important data.

  • Is Clean Master For PC easy to use?

    The application has been designed for use by anybody, regardless of technical knowledge. It also includes an 'auto clean' feature, which will remove junk files automatically when a PC is not in use.

  • Will Clean Master let me manually delete files?

    In addition to the auto clean feature, Clean Master For PC also provides the option of scanning for junk files and then allowing the user to manually decide which of the files should be removed and which should be kept. Moreover, users can opt to delete specific file categories, such as browser files, system cache files, or registry files.

  • What does the PC Boost feature do?

    The PC Boost option allows users to optimise their computer's setup, potentially improving performance when running certain software packages, browsing the internet or playing games. It also includes an option for the user to switch off any unnecessary start-up applications, improving initial boot up speeds.

  • Will Clean Master For PC delete important files?

    The software has been thoroughly tested and will not delete critical files, although users who are concerned about this are able to manually decide which files are removed when using the program. Of course, it is also advisable to back up your system before performing any major clean up operation.

  • Is Clean Master available on other platforms?

    A version of the Clean Master application is also available for Android devices.

  • How often is Clean Master For PC updated?

    Since its initial release on the PC back in 2014, the application has received several major updates, improving core functions, the user interface and compatibility with different versions of the Windows operating system. As it is a free product, updates are also available for free.

  • What features are added in the Professional Edition?

    Although the core system cleaning functions are in the same in the free and 'Professional' releases, the paid version of the software adds a file recovery option, allowing users to restore deleted files, as well as a Driver Booster feature, which works by fixing and updating drivers for millions of devices.

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